Cooling System Coming to The Q Centre for 2024 Season

West Shore Parks & Recreation (WSPR) is about to begin a major upgrade to the cooling system at the Q Centre Arena. Work will begin in the fall of 2023 and staff are hopeful the system will be operational for the start of the 2024 WLA Season.

This upgrade will lower temperatures and improve the air quality and conditions spectators, players, and staff experience inside the arena during the summer months. As we see greater extremes in global weather patterns, this upgrade could serve as a centralized location for programs seeking refuge during extreme heat events.

“The addition of a cooling system at the Q Centre is a game-changer for us and all summer users of the building. It will help to beat the heat, making it much more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone and safer for players. We were very pleased to work with West Shore Parks and Recreation Society management in this important initiative and really appreciate them moving forward with us on it,” said Chris Welch, Shamrocks GM & Governor.

This project is funded by a reallocation of approved capital expenditure from projects that came in under budget. Clever use of the existing refrigeration system has made the integration of the new cooling system able to handle the heat loads throughout the year. Exploration and evaluation of the system is underway to maximize the potential of this upgrade.

“We are well-equipped with both experienced ticketed staff and well-maintained equipment to seamlessly facilitate the integration of the new system. Over the past three decades, we have been committed to energy conservation, consistently exploring innovative methods for heating and cooling that prioritize cost-effectiveness. By adopting these energy-efficient practices, we aim to create a more comfortable environment for our valued patrons and offer relief to our dedicated staff working throughout the complex, particularly those manning the concession grill,” said Ron Dietrich, Manager of Operations for West Shore Parks & Recreation.

The Victoria Shamrocks are extremely pleased to have worked with the excellent staff and management at West Shore Parks and Recreation, and having facilitated an introduction to Accent Refrigeration Systems, the award-winning international contractor based here in the West Shore, who specialize in the design, manufacturing, and installation of highly efficient refrigeration and energy recovery systems.