GAME 6 Ticket Updates

September 10th:

GENERAL PUBLIC - there are only STANDING ROOM ONLY tickets available - buy: ONLINE or BOX OFFICE

SEASON TICKET CARD HOLDERS: No line ups - No worries!
Unless you have specified other - Your Card will be activated and you are good to go for any subsequent games.

SEASON TICKET (Paper Tickets): Your tickets are held until 5PM today - CLAIM YOUR SEAT!
Call: 250-478-7625 (ROCK) - or visit box office at 100.3 The Q Centre.

September 11th:

10AM - THERE WILL BE A LIMITED TICKET RELEASE of Bowl Seats - Early bird will get the Worm! All unclaimed tickets go on sale to General Public - this will be released at 10AM - both ONLINE & BOX OFFICE!