Shamrocks Record Turns 1:1

Saturday, June 2nd

The Shamrocks suffer their first loss in their second game of the season to our Island Rivals, the Nanaimo Timbermen. The Timbermen won 12-9. Regardless of the loss, the Shamrocks offense proved to be versatile with a wide point-spread. Casey Jackson, Chris Wardle, and Tyson Gibson scored two goals a piece while Josh Fagan, Alec Molander, and Daniel Smith earned one each for the Shamrocks. Hellyer and King head manned the offense creating scoring opportunities with a combined 7 assists. 

Unfortunately the Shamrocks couldn’t make up for the additional 11 shots the Timbermen had over them. Opposing goalie Charles Claxton held out 35 of 44 shots on Nanaimo’s net. Chase Fraser established himself as an offensive threat as he carried his team to victory with 4 goals.